Plans for Q2 2024

Looking forward to Q2 2024, AIgentX has charted an ambitious course to scale up its operations and offerings. Our strategic plan includes:

Organizational Development

  • Formalizing our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for community governance.

  • Expanding our Advisory Board with diverse, industry-leading expertise.

  • Launching the Advisory Startup Program to support emerging blockchain projects.

  • Growing our team for enhanced capabilities and outreach.

Brand and Market Presence

  • nitiating a Public Relations program to elevate our brand.

  • Listing the $AIX token on additional exchanges for better liquidity and accessibility.

  • Engaging with the Web3 & AI communities at industry events for partnerships and brand awareness.

Product and Service Enhancement

  • Enhancing the WebApp for a complete user experience.

  • Improving our suite of Community & Trading AIgents.

  • Integrating with new blockchains for increased interoperability.

  • Collaborating with Tier-1/2 projects to demonstrate our AI solutions.

  • Developing an AI-powered Decentralized Exchange to revolutionize crypto trading with enhanced intelligence.

  • Creating an AI Smart Contracts Audit Tool to ensure the security and reliability of blockchain contracts.

  • Launching an AI Technical Analysis Tool for deeper insights into market trends and data-driven trading decisions.

Community and Ecosystem Growth

  • Participating in Grant Programs for development support.

  • Introducing new $AIX utilities and a burn mechanism to enhance value.

  • Conducting surveys and collecting user feedback for product improvement.

  • Ordering smart-contract audits to ensure ecosystem security and trust.

  • Organizing Social Task Giveaway Campaigns to incentivize and engage our community.

Network Expansion

  • Development of validation and nodes incentives in other AI-related projects.

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