My AIgents (Setup Dashboard)

Currently, setting up your AI bot is managed through the Telegram interface. For instructions on setting up your bot via Telegram right now, please visit this page.

How to Set Up the AIgent

We're diligently developing a WebApp interface to simplify and enhance this experience further. This upcoming feature is designed to provide a more intuitive and comprehensive setup process. Below, you can find a preview of how the Webapp interface is expected to look, giving you a glimpse into the future of bot setup with us.

Bot Settings

In the "Bot Settings" section of the Gitbook documentation, you'll be guided through customizing your AI agent. This comprehensive setup page allows for precise personalization of your bot's identity and operational parameters.

Key areas for configuration include:

  • Ownership Verification: Confirm the bot's legitimacy.

  • Bot Name: Define the identity of your bot for users to recognize.

  • Company Information: Provide details about your project for user reference.

  • CoinGecko Link: Insert a link for your tokenโ€™s listing for easy access to market data.

  • Dex Tools Link: Connect to decentralized exchange tools for enhanced token tracking and analysis.

  • DexScreener: A link to a screening tool for your tokenโ€™s performance and analytics.

  • How to Buy: Directions on purchasing your token, like linking to Uniswap.

  • Contracts: List out all relevant smart contract addresses along with a brief description for each.

  • AutoDetection: Activate the bot's ability to autonomously detect and adapt to user inquiries.

  • Tone of Voice: Select the desired communication style for your bot.

  • Token Info: Outline the utility and economics of your token.

Furthermore, you can enable or disable various features, such as image generation, smart contract analysis, real-time token data, news and chat summaries, and more. This tailored approach ensures that your bot aligns perfectly with your project's ethos and user engagement strategy.

Knowledge Base Management

The Knowledge Base Management section is a critical component of the AIgent setup, designed to centralize and organize all the necessary resources for your AI agent. In this section, you can effortlessly add various types of content to your agent's knowledge base, enhancing its ability to deliver accurate and relevant information. You can include files, text, videos, and even whole websites, ensuring that your AIgent is well-informed and up-to-date with the latest data.

Adding new information is intuitive; you select the type of content you want to include, such as a document, a snippet of text, a video link, or a website URL, and provide the relevant details. For websites, there's even an option to scrape the entire site, allowing your AIgent to access and reference the full breadth of content available. This streamlined process not only builds a more robust and comprehensive knowledge base but also refines your AI agent's responses and interactions with users.


In the Integrations section, users have the flexibility to integrate their AI agent by linking it with essential platforms like Webapp, Telegram, Discord, or Whatsapp. Embedding these integrations allows the AI agent to function seamlessly within the chosen environment, ensuring users can capitalize on the agentโ€™s capabilities wherever they operate.

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