Token Distribution

The distribution of taxes collected by AigentX is strategically allocated to support various crucial aspects of our operation and growth:


  • Marketing and User Acquisition (1%):

    • A portion of the taxes, 1%, is dedicated to marketing efforts and user acquisition strategies.

    • This targeted allocation is aimed at increasing community growth and engagement, essential for expanding AigentX's reach and user base.

  • Development Lab (1.5%):

    • Another 1.5% of the collected taxes is invested in the Development Lab.

    • This fund supports innovation, research, and development of new features, ensuring AigentX remains at the forefront of technology.

  • Team (1%):

    • A crucial 1% allocation goes towards maintaining a highly skilled team.

    • This helps in attracting, retaining, and compensating top talent, vital for the sustained success and growth of AigentX.

  • Staking Pool (1%):

    • 1% of the collected taxes is contributed to the staking pool.

    • Stakeholders benefit from this pool by staking their tokens, aligning their interests with the long-term success of AigentX.

    • This incentivizes investment and engagement within the AigentX community.

Strategy Impact

This tax distribution strategy ensures a balanced allocation of resources towards marketing, innovation, team development, and stakeholder rewards. It fosters a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for AigentX, supporting our mission to lead in the AI and blockchain space.

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