Affiliate Program

Discover the dual-path to success with our referral program, specifically crafted to enrich your journey by introducing new clients to our state-of-the-art AI chat solutions.

Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, our Affiliate Program ensures that earning commissions is seamless and efficient through a comprehensive multi-level referral system. This guide is your roadmap to a thorough understanding of the potential within. Here is how you can amplify your earnings through two dynamic avenues:

Client Referral Link: Embark on a straightforward path to rewards by utilizing your unique "Invite Clients" referral link to onboard new projects in our ecosystem. With every successful payment, you're entitled to a 20% commission, credited directly and effortlessly to your account.

Partner Referral Link: Unlock the door to limitless possibilities and transform your affiliate network into a self-sustaining revenue generator. By extending invitations through the "Partner Invite" link, you not only broaden the horizons of your network but also tap into the benefits of a 3-level affiliate system, thereby amplifying their potential earnings:

  • 1st Level Referrals: Earn a 20% commission.

  • 2nd Level Referrals: Earn a 10% commission.

  • 3rd Level Referrals: Earn a 7.5% commission.

Important note! User can have an unlimited number of level 1, 2 and 3 referrals

Feel the Power of Community

If we notice regular purchases from your client or affiliate link, we will contact you to invite to an exclusive group created for of our valued affiliates. Here’s what you will gain access to:

  • Community of Visionaries: Engage with like-minded individuals committed to broadening the reach and profitability of our product.

  • Resource Kit: Receive a comprehensive set of tools for effective selling, including pitch decks, scripts, and on-demand support materials.

  • Expert Support: Benefit from the constant availability of our Chief Sales Officer and the sales team to address any inquiries you may have.

  • Interactive Sessions: Participate in regular meetings with the AigentX team for your dose of inspiration and updates on our progress.

  • Insider Information: Earn the privilege of early access to new features, putting you ahead in the know.

  • Guidance for Growth: Take advantage of the strategies and tips shared by the AigentX team to enhance your earning potential.

  • Pathway to Leadership: Stand out as a top affiliate and seize the opportunity to join our sales team for further growth and success.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with other top-performing affiliates through exclusive networking events.

  • Feedback Loop: Have a say in the program development with regular surveys and feedback sessions.

  • Recognition Program: Get rewarded for your achievements with recognition and additional benefits as you reach new milestones.

Join the affiliate program now to explore these pathways to prosperity and become a cornerstone of our expanding community.

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