AI Smart-Contract Audit Tool

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Never fall for a scam again by using our smart contract audits.

Our AI Smart-Contract Audit Tool offers an automated, fast and in-depth analysis of smart contracts, providing users with a detailed PDF report. It's free and accessible by simply entering a contract address or token ticker. The report covers several crucial aspects:

  • Contract Overview: It lists the basic details of the smart contract, including token name, symbol, address, type, decimals, and total supply. This section provides a snapshot of the token's identity and technical specifications.

  • Ownership and Control: This part examines the contract's control mechanisms, detailing the owner's address, treasury details, and whether the ownership rights have been renounced or retained, giving insight into the control dynamics of the contract.

  • Fees and Restrictions: Users can review any transaction fees or trading restrictions imposed by the contract, such as buy/sell fees, and understand the flexibility allowed in fee adjustments. It also checks for blacklisting functionality and sniper bot protection measures.

  • Security and Functionality: The tool assesses the contract's security features and general functionalities, evaluating aspects like minting and burning capabilities, honeypot risks, upgradeability, and the presence of self-destruct functions to gauge the contract's overall security posture.

  • Issues Identified: Potential issues and risks are categorized by severity from critical to low, providing an alert sections that require attention.

  • Code Quality and Gas Optimization: The report critiques the smart contract's code structure and suggests improvements, focusing on adherence to coding standards and efficient gas usage.

  • Public Methods: A review of the available public methods like standard ERC-20 functions (transfer, approve, etc.) is provided, ensuring they align with expected norms and practices.

  • Realtime Summary: Though market data might not be available, this section intends to provide real-time statistics like market cap, current price, and holder count when such data is accessible.

  • Social Media Links: A compilation of social media and online presence links, including the project's website, Telegram, Twitter, and Medium, offering a gateway to the project's community and updates.

This comprehensive report, generated by the AI tool, relies on the latest contract code and online data, aiming to equip users with a thorough understanding of the smart contract's design and potential implications for usage and investment.

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