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Staking Smart Contract


Pool Composition

  • Stakers contribute AIX tokens to the staking pool.

  • Rewards are distributed in Ethereum (ETH).

Reward Distribution

  • ETH rewards are allocated based on each staker's proportion in the pool.

  • Longer staking periods enhance rewards for the same amount of AIX staked.

APR Calculation

  • APR considers daily revenue, ETH and AIX prices in USD, and a period boost for longer staking.

Current Boost Structure

Boost Factors Based on Staking Duration

  • 30 Days: No boost is applied for staking periods of 30 days.

  • 60 Days: A x4 boost is applied for staking periods of 60 days.

  • 90 Days: A x12 boost is applied for staking periods of 90 days.

Impact on Rewards

  • The boost factor directly influences the proportion of ETH rewards received.

  • Longer staking periods result in significantly higher boosts, increasing the APR.


Our staking model incentivizes sustained investment in AIX, rewarding long-term participation with ETH distributions.

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