Special Features for Admins

Our platform offers exclusive features for admins, designed to become all-in-one AI-management tool for Web3 chats on Telegram. From advanced moderation tools to deep customization, these features empower admins to maintain a vibrant and organized space effortlessly.

As of June 2024, some of these features are in beta-test mode in AIgentX group chat. To enable them in your group for an additional fee, please contact DVcryptz.

Buy & Staking Notifications

Admins can enable notifications for new buys and staking actions, with the ability to set filters for specific amounts bought or staked. The bot will provide all the necessary information in a concise message, ensuring you stay informed about significant transactions.

Twitter Activity Raid (soon)

Custom Stickers Generation (soon)

Spam & FUD Filter (soon)

Custom Image Generation (soon)

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