Conversations Module

Coming soon.

The WebApp’s Conversations Module serves as a centralized command center for overseeing private communications across multiple platforms, including Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp, and web interfaces. This integrated system brings together all messaging threads, highlighting unread messages to ensure responsiveness to community engagement. Key features are:

  • Unified Chat Management: All messages are aggregated into a single dashboard, simplifying oversight and response management.

  • Direct Engagement Options: Users can temporarily disable automated responses to provide personalized attention as needed.

  • Chat Customization: The module allows for the renaming of chat users for quick identification and seamless communication flow.

  • Summary Generation: Users can produce summaries of their chats, offering a snapshot of conversation highlights for efficient review.

  • Note-Taking Functionality: Chat notes can be added for additional context, aiding in tracking conversation history and action items.

  • Tagging System: Users can categorize conversations with tags, enhancing organization and facilitating the search and retrieval of chat interactions.

Through the Conversations Module, users are empowered with tools to fine-tune their community management and foster an engaging and interactive environment.

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