Community AIgent Features

Whether you're looking for in-depth blockchain analysis, real-time token data, or just a bit of fun with jokes and compliments, we've got you covered.

Community Management AIgent is designed to enrich your Web3 experience, boasting an array of 14 main feature /commands and 5 system /commands, their number will only continue to grow!

You can interact with the aigent both in group chats and individually. Join our vibrant community at AIgentX Group Chat for discussions and updates, or chat with the bot directly at AIgentXBot for a more personalized experience.

Main Features

  • /x: Serves as a question-answering feature that leverages AI to provide accurate and relevant responses to user queries within the Web3 space.

  • /image: Allows users to generate images based on textual descriptions, fostering creativity and engagement within the community.

  • /ximage: AI-powered image analysis to understand and interpret content within images, identifying objects and themes.

  • /translate_set_language: Lets users set a default language for translations, personalizing the bot's utility to suit individual preferences.

  • /translate: Translates text between languages, breaking down language barriers within the diverse Web3 community.

  • /tech: Performs technical analysis, offering valuable insights into market trends and potential investment opportunities.

  • /audit: Conducts a comprehensive security audit on blockchain projects, enhancing trust and safety within the ecosystem.

  • /ask_contract: Allows for specific inquiries about smart contracts, offering detailed explanations or clarifications as needed.

  • /web: Analyzes content from provided web links, enabling users to ask questions or gain insights about online resources.

  • /web_summary: Summarizes web page content, making it easier for users to grasp key information quickly.

  • /realtime: Provides real-time data on tokens, including prices, market cap, and trading volume, supporting informed decision-making.

  • /news_summary: Offers summaries of the latest news from pinned posts in Telegram/Discord chats, keeping users informed about important updates.

  • /chat_summary: Compiles summaries of recent messages from community members, fostering a sense of community and keeping users engaged with ongoing discussions.

  • /joke, /compliment: These features are designed to enhance community engagement through light-hearted interactions and positive affirmations, adding a personal touch to the bot's capabilities.

System Features

  • /start: Initiates interaction with the bot and welcoming users.

  • /contact: Provides contact details of the team behind the group where bot is operating for further assistance or inquiries.

  • /report: Enables users to report issues or inaccuracies in the aigent responses, ensuring continuous improvement in service quality.

  • /help: Includes short descriptions of commands and tips for navigation.

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