How to Set Up the AIgent

Quick Guide to Creating Your AI Agent with

Currently, projects can configure the aigent only via the Telegram chat widget and Discord on-demand. However, we're excited to announce the upcoming launch of the AIgent Setup Dashboard, designed to streamline and enhance the setup process. Stay tuned and refer to our documentation section “My AIgents Setup Dashboard” for more details.

Detailed Video Setup Process

  1. Initiate the AIgent: Send a message to @AIgentXBot on Telegram.

  1. Add the AIgent to your Telegram group: Make the bot an admin in the group.

  1. Execute set up group commands: Open @AIgentXBot DM

  1. Verify your wallet by following the instructions from the AIgent.

  1. Configure the assistant by following the guide when pressing each of the buttons:

  • Set Company Name & Info: Send your company info in 2-3 paragraphs

  • Set CoinGecko: Send your full CoinGecko link (if you have a token)

  • Set DexTools: Send your full DEXTools link (if you have a token)

  • Set Token Info: Describe your token, emission, buy/sell fees etc.

  • Set How to Buy: Explain how to buy your token (e.g. send Uniswap link).

  • Set Contracts: Describe all smart-contracts you use.

  • Set Websites: Send full links to your Websites. Note, if you have multiple websites (e.g. whitepaper on GitBook), send them all line by line in ONE message.

  • Set Admins: Send the usernames of the admins, separated by spaces. For example: @admin777 @alice @bob

  • Auto-Reply: Enable or Disable AIgent's ability to detect messages and auto-reply to them.

  • Set-Style: Select your Tone of Voice from the menu buttons.

  1. Following these new steps, you'll get a customized AI assistant ready to connect with users effectively!

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