Plans for Q3 2024 - 2025

Our strategic plan includes:

Q3 2024

  • Towards AGI (Beta release): Launching the beta version of our AGI initiative on the web.

  • Decentralized Marketplace of Blockchain AI Agents Powered by AGI: Creating a decentralized platform for AI agents.

  • Migrate existing AI Agents to the marketplace: Transition current AI agents to the new marketplace.

  • TON mini-app and Telegram Wallet native integration: Seamlessly integrating our mini-app with Telegram Wallet.

  • Establish a global ambassador program: Driving adoption and engagement through a global ambassador initiative.

  • Implement new token utilities: Introducing new functionalities for АІХ.

  • Establish beta-testers program: Setting up a program to involve users in beta testing.

Q4 2024

  • Framework for integrating AI Agents from external developers: Creating a system for external AI agent integration.

  • Expand AIgentX Telegram mini-app functionality: Enhancing the features of our Telegram mini-app.

  • Launch a developer grant program: Incentivizing the creation of innovative AI solutions through grants.

  • Embed ML-Flow system: Integrating an ML-Flow system for streamlined machine learning operations.

  • Cross-chain expansion: Expanding our platform to support multiple blockchain networks.

  • Automated AI task scheduler development: Developing an automated system for scheduling AI tasks.

  • Participation in industry-leading conferences: Engaging with the industry by attending major conferences.

  • Enhance AI personalization features for user experience: Improving AI personalization for a better user experience.

  • API & SDK access for businesses & developers: Providing API and SDK access to businesses and developers.

  • List on tier-1 exchange: Getting listed on a major exchange.

  • User-AI interface for DeFi projects via voice calls: Enabling voice call interactions with top DeFi projects.


  • Launch the full version of Towards AGI: Releasing the complete version of our AGI model.

  • Introduce a decentralized governance model (DAO): Implementing a DAO for the AIgentX platform.

  • Integrate AI Agents with major DEX and CEX: Connecting AI agents with leading decentralized and centralized exchanges.

  • Launch AI-driven portfolio management tools for institutional investors: Providing advanced portfolio management tools.

  • Develop 50+ AI Agents: Expanding our AI agent offerings.

  • Scale the AIgentX platform to support 10 million users: Growing our platform to accommodate a larger user base.

  • Expand AI-driven compliance and regulatory tools: Enhancing compliance and regulatory tools for crypto projects.

  • Develop AI-powered financial advisory tools: Offering AI-driven financial advisory services for both retail and institutional investors.

  • Strategic acquisitions: Making acquisitions to enhance AI capabilities and market reach.

  • Establish regional hubs: Setting up regional hubs to support local AI and blockchain communities.

  • Launch educational programs and certifications: Providing educational initiatives and certifications in AI and blockchain.

  • Web3 AI services for enterprises: Offering AI services tailored for enterprises.

  • Integrate advanced AI analytics for market trend prediction: Implementing AI analytics for predicting market trends.

  • Expand partnerships with academic institutions: Collaborating with academic institutions for AI research.

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