Backend Developer

Your Role & Responsibilities

  • Develop cutting-edge AI agents

  • Integrate with blockchain platforms and Web3

  • Develop robust fault-tolerant AI Builder architecture

  • Innovate with OpenAI and Langchain technologies

  • Experience with AI and telegram bots

  • English B1-B2 and Russian native (Develop Core team from Ukraine and Russia)

We're Looking For

  • Proactive individuals who clarify tasks and deliver swiftly

  • Strong Python skills, with experience in Web3, OpenAI, and/or Langchain

  • Familiarity with Git, Docker

What We Offer

  • Salary 4000-6000 USD

  • Flexible schedule in a dynamic, innovative environment

  • Be part of an international team from Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Europe

  • Unique opportunity for a Bali villa relocation during intensive project phases

  • Bonuses for high-value contributions

How to Apply?

Write to us on Telegram: send us a message to with brief information about yourself:

  • What is your Python proficiency level?

  • Your age and city of residence.

  • Your Skills.

  • Whether you have worked with Web3/AI

  • Portfolio of your work.

  • Attach your CV

Application process

  • Send me CV

  • Test Assignment

  • Final Call with CEO

We look forward to meeting you 🚀 Join us to grow and create the future together! 🌟

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