Achieved Milestones

AIgentX embarked on its journey in the fall of 2023, and the subsequent six months have been a whirlwind, marked by the swift evolution characteristic of the crypto world.

Here's a recap of our milestones in the initial half-year:

  • Established AIgentX.

  • Built a team composed of top industry experts.

  • Validated our Proof of Concept.

  • Identified a sustainable business model and revenue streams.

  • Created the $AIX Token architecture.

  • Conceptualized and began planning our premier AI product, AIgentX Community.

  • Progressed in the development of our advanced AI model.

  • Conducted research, testing, and refinement of our AI model.

  • Sought and secured grants from leading tech companies.

  • Developed the Trading AIgent.

  • Initiated staking and affiliate incentives.

  • Released our Webapp.

  • Completed integrations with Telegram, Discord, and WhatsApp.

  • Created browser tools including a Chrome extension and Mozilla add-ons.

  • Unveiled sophisticated AI tools like the AI Smart-Contracts Auditor and AI Technical Analysis.

  • Welcomed two major blockchain entities to our AIgent for Blockchain Product.

  • Bolstered our Sales and Marketing Team.

  • Integrated over 100 projects into our ecosystem.

  • Cultivated a social media following surpassing 50,000.

  • Launched as a validator on the Bittensor network.

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